projects and workshops

Our work aims to create community through design. We embrace collaboration, play, experimentation and discovery. With that, we use and encourage our collaborators to use FLOSS (Free, Libre, Open Source Software) tools to democratize design. The classroom is often used as a site to explore these topics and projects.

Jagged Teeth, An Open-Source Brand

Work in progress

A brand for all those who grew up or currently live without dental care. Inspired by Aeon Magazine’s article, “Poor Teeth”, and my less-than-exquisite smile. If you know, you know, but the article is helpful in illuminating the topic from a sociological perspective. Brand assets are supplied to anyone who wants to be part of the brand “tribe.”

Tomorrows Poster Club

Work in progress

A collaborative futuring project. Collaborators create posters envisioning or demanding alternative futures to the dominant One-World-World-Modernist-Capitalist-Technocratic-Patriarchal society.

tAPE (The Association of Pluralist English)

Work in progress

Workshops questioning writing systems, ways we speak and hyperlocal varieties of English that embody a specific place, local knowledge and history. We also ask if English can be reworked to embody animism, inter/relationships and horizontal power structures.

CNY Wealth/Prosperity Intervention

Work in progress

A small publication discussing alternative forms of wealth and prosperity


Work in progress

Exploring description and non-hierarchical categorization using “proximal” senses.